Symbolic baptism ceremony

Symbolic baptism ceremony

The birth of a child is a major event in a couple’s life. To share the joy of the parents, and introduce their child can be done in many ways. For parents who do not believe in god, or those who think that belonging to a religion can only be done at the adult age but want to announce this event with a certain solemnity, the symbolic baptism ceremony will meet their expectation.To choose godparents, even if it remains symbolic is essential for the parents as for the godchild. The symbolic baptism ceremony is the promise of guiding the child by encouraging her/him to develop values that will help her/him become a conscious, free and happy person. It is a moral commitment of parents, godfather and godmother towards a child. The symbolic baptism ceremony is a moment of communion shared by all the guests.


Possible steps for your symbolic ceremony :

  1. Introduction :

  • Arrival of the guests : guests take their seats
  • Procession : it’s the entrance of child, with her/his parents, godmother & godfather
  1. The ceremony

  • Word of welcome : in general it is the celebrant welcomes the guests
  • Intention : the celebrant describes the state of mind of the parents when they created this ceremony. She reminds everyone how much the commitment that the godmother and godfather are going to make is important and essential for them.o   Speech of the parent
  • Speech of the celebrant
  • Speech of
  • Worlds of the celebrant about the important values to be transmitted
  • Speech of the mother to her child
  • Speech of the father to her child
  • Ritual
  • The celebrant introduces the godmother and godfather to the child
  • Commitment of the godmother and godfather
  1. Closing

  • Signature of the symbolic baptism certificate : if you wish the parents, godmother, godfather and child can sign a symbolic baptism certificate.


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