Wedding ceremony

1. What is a symbolic ceremony?

The symbolic ceremony or secular ceremony is a formal celebration of your commitment, without a religious representative. If you do not plan a religious ceremony but wish to share your vows in a touching and memorable setting, then the symbolic ceremony is for you.

2. Why this type of ceremony rather than another ? 

This type of ceremony is mainly for people who find that unfortunately the ceremony celebrated in France at the town hall, although mandatory, is quite fast 10-20 minutes. Often celebrated by a person that the bride and groom do not know personally, not always in a very aesthetic place and not personalized by the bride and groom.

3. To whom does this type of ceremony is for ? 

Symbolic or secular ceremonies are becoming increasingly important in today’s society because they make sense to many people.

  • An atheists couple, who are not going to get married religiously after the town hall but who thinks that the ceremony made by the latter does not fully correspond to them.
  • A couple composed of a believer and a non-believer for whom this type of ceremony often meets the expectations of each person.
  • A couple with two different faiths who do not wish to perform their ceremony in one place of worship rather than another or perform the ceremony twice in two different places.
  • A couple of catholic that can not celebrate their new union in the place of their confession.
  • Same-sex couples who until today are not accepted in religious places to celebrate their union.

4. The course of the ceremony

A ceremony will usually include important moments such as the exchange of vows and alliances, but you can completely customize it with symbolic rituals or interventions (reading texts, music, etc.). Each ceremony is personalized according to what you want, from the entrance of the newlyweds, to the choice of music, everything can be done according to what you wish.

Possible steps for your symbolic ceremony

Introduction :

o   Arrival of the guests : guests take their seats unless they enter behind the bride and groomo   Procession : it’s the entrance of the bride and groom, you can come one by one or together.

Marriage ceremony

o   Word of welcome : in general it is the wedding celebrant that welcomes the guests.o   Intention : wedding celebrant describes the state of mind of the couple when they created their ceremony. She reminds everyone how much the commitment that couple is going to make is important and essential for them.o   Readings : Family and relatives involved in the ceremony (text, poems, songs, etc …)

  • Rituals : it is thanks to them that the bride and groom will have chosen that the ceremony will find its solemn and unique character
  • Vows : it is the moment when the married couple exchange their vows.
  • The rings : this moment is not always present in symbolic ceremonies, some couples choose instead to exchange poems, a bracelet, an object depends on the wish of the bride and groom.


Signature of the wedding certificate : if you wish you can sign with your witnesses a symbolic wedding certificate.

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