Wedding Celebrant

Photo by Eloïse Brit

Getting married ? Why ? Where ? How?

My name is Diane Carrié, I am a wedding celebrant and my main role will be to help you answer these questions to find the true meaning of your wedding ceremony

These are the questions people in love ask often themselves

In our society getting married is no longer the first step necessary before having children and the the norm to be part of the adult world.


It is only then that my role as a wedding celebrant will be important:

  • If for you, a traditional wedding does not correspond to what you believe in. I will offer you keys, rituals, to build the ceremony that will makes sense for you, that will allow you to share with your guests your declaration of love.
  • A celebration that will mark your life. I speak several languages ​​and I can celebrate your union in French, English or Spanish everywhere in France and worldwide.

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